Madness: Project Nexus 2
What is Madness: Project Nexus 2?

A fast-paced, Run n' Gun shooter for PC/Mac, filled to the brim with comic violence, swords, guns, squad combat, guns, and guns!

You sneak around the back of the military complex, pistol silenced, clinging to the concrete wall and approaching the blast door. Your squadmate plants the charge: an electronic lock interference device. A moment later the door sparks and slides open, and the both of you advance into the dark interior.

They don't see you coming. Not because you caught them off guard - they were expecting your attack - but because your second charge goes off, and the installation loses power just as you unload your magazine on the unsuspecting enemy Agents. Good thing you brought your infrared goggles. The badguys...they were not so well-prepared.

Somewhere else in the world, a ragtag band of unwashed civilians huddle together for warmth over a small campfire, their tents and vehicles blotted with mud and riddled with rust and decay. The world has ended, and they are all that's left.

...that is, if you don't include the swarm of zombies crawling out from the darkness. Maybe a campfire was not such a great plan. The ones who make it will remember the ones who died for this invaluable lesson.

Back in the headquarters of the Nexus Core, you step out into the arena, your trusty weapon in hand. You crafted it yourself from parts and would stake your life on its reliability. In fact, in twenty seconds you'll have no choice. Your superiors are unleashing a battalion of trained killers on you, a few at a time. Your mission is to survive. To learn. To become a better soldier. The alarm sounds, and you cock back the slide of your piece.

You were born for this kind of Madness.

What About the Gameplay?

Madness: Project Nexus 2 will feature a number of game modes at launch. Check em out here:


This game begins where Project Nexus 1 left off (though no knowledge of the prequel will be necessary to fully enjoy the Project Nexus 2 experience). Players will wander from the outskirts of the never-ending wastelands battling bandits and cannibalistic raiders, infiltrate a corrupt metropolis known as Zed City, and take on the Nexus Core directly in a sidescrolling open-world combat and exploration game.

While many missions will be reliant on planning out how you'd like to invade enemy camps and bases, you'll not always know what's coming next. Agency hit-squads, hunting raider parties, and the inveitable swarm of hungry undead are also looking for you as you duck between alleyways and push ever forward toward the heart of Project Nexus.


You begin with a blank palette. Your new character, grey and lifeless as any Grunt in the Madness world. He or she is not very skilled. In fact, they can barely stand against a stiff breeze, let alone a battle-hardened opponent. The Employers, however, do not care about your cherubic amateurity, and being shown mercy is not in your contract. You are destined to possess such great skill and strength that you're prepared to die just to learn to wield it.

And die you will. Many times. Death does not nullify your contract. But destroying the Nexus Core...that might just make The Employers happy enough to consider your resignation.

In Arena Mode, players will build the kind of Madness combatant they've always dreamed of by picking from an ever-expanding tree of skills and abilities gained through surviving wave after wave of baddies. Want a gunslinger of legendary proportions? Go for it. Stealth ninja with a penchant for pistol-and-katana kills? You got it. C-4 and trap-laying expert? We dare you not to enjoy making enemies go boom.

Once you've reached a certain pinnacle of excellence, you'll have the option of branching off into one of many Legendary skill trees. From telekinesis and flight to time-slowing battle sense and unbelievably huge size, you'll have at your disposal the power to make your character truly and unsurpassably unique. These are powers the likes of which only the true heroes and villains of Nevada may possess. Will you be one of them?


The open world zombie horror campaign we've always wanted to play. So many games have tried this before, and a good deal of them have excelled in one or two major areas. Imagine the suspense and distrust you feel between encounters while exploring the world of Day-Z. Remember that thrill of finding a new stockpile of goods and weapons in Infinity Mode of Dead Rising. Picture your character going from pathetic to powerful in Dead Island. Feel the blend of adventure and dread you got from Organ Trail. And conjure the heart-thumping panic and excitement of being overwhelmed in the Zombies mode of CoD.

Our problem is that we want TOO MUCH. We want all of those feelings to blend from one to the next in a single game. And we want it to be roguelike, randomized, and a new adventure every time you play. Too much to ask for? We truly believe that it is not.

Madness: Project Nexus 2