Madness: Project Nexus 2
Alpha v1.05 to v1.05c! Big Update Time!

Oh I know, you thought we’d fled to Mexico or something after two months without an update. Believe me, if you thought it sucked to wait, try being Krinkels and I as we worked tirelessly this entire time trying to revamp several significant sections of the engine. But we have not been stagnant. We present to you a load of new updates and features for you guys to help us test.


This update is likely to be riddled with all sorts of new and [READ MORE]

Alpha v1.04 Patch Notes

Got another big one for you guys today! Here’s what’s new in Arena Mode today:

v1.04 – Updated Thursday, 9/8/2016

-Linux Build SHOULD be available now! Feel free to test at your leisure.

-Thrown Weapons broke your inventory and the Quartermaster’s stock as well. Various other fixes also severed the connection between [READ MORE]

Madness: Project Nexus 2