The Association Of Finely Tuned Freelance Gentlemen

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The Association Of Finely Tuned Freelance Gentlemen

Postby Jim » Wed Jul 12, 2017 3:22 am

Greetings, I am Jim G. Günter. I come barring news of my new faction.

The Association of Finely Tuned Freelance Gentlemen. T.A.O.F.T.F.G. is an orgsnization that lends a hand to anyone with polite enough intentions. More distasteful jobs are declined with manners. For example, we do not interrupt another mate's pub for the sake of "lowered morale" for the enemy. Such actions are too rude to the attenders. If, the targets tend to cause trouble to others who have no such quarrell with them, then it is our duty to take it upon ourselves to stop such malicious actions.

We dress and fight as gentlemen. With honor and honesty. Such tactics as suicide bombing are much too distasteful for a gentleman.

If we get caught in a cross fire, then we will try to solve the situation in a civilized manner. To be a fine gentleman, one must stay on good terms with all that he can.

Zombies are an issue with civilized actions, are they not? If you think so, then I strongly disagree sir. It very possible for a gentleman to civilize a zed and even befriend one. Just ask my good pal, Artyom.

Well, that has been my introduction of the Freelamce Gentleman. Hopefully you consider us when ruffians start harassing your fellow chum.
-Signed and approved by Jim G. Günter
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