The Rebellion

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The Rebellion

Postby SisyphusRollsOn » Sat Jul 08, 2017 1:15 am

Who are we?
We are defectors and turncoats from the AAHW and their branches. The transmitter implants in the brains of all AAHW units have either been removed, destroyed, or stopped receiving orders.
Our faction was created spontaneously from sheer luck, as someone had destroyed a major transmitter, and some AAHW units became self aware and gained free and abstract thought.
Most of the AAHW units that became aware quickly left, and/or took over their own outposts. However, there are some aware units out there that chose to remain undercover because it
would be too dangerous to defect in their present situation. Eventually, the aware agents crossed paths, and joined together to form the Rebellion.
What is our mission?
Our mission is to free other agents from the Orwellian grasp of the AAHW, and restore order to Nevada once and for all.

Agent Recruit: These are agents that have just recently joined, and must prove their allegiance with time and experience. The typical recruit is armed with low caliber handguns
and melee weapons. They typically are not granted armor.
Agent Rebel: These agents have proved that they can be trusted, and have thus been granted better weapons and armor. ATPs are typically given the roles they were made for, however they can choose any role they wish.
Agent Captain: These agents stand out for their profound leadership qualities, and are usually the head of an outpost or squad. They wear medium to heavy armor, and use SMGs or assault rifles most typically. The ATP Engineers make up a majority of the Captains.
Undercover Agent: These agents have been subtly and quietly reintroduced into the AAHW after defection to further hinder the AAHW and especially destroy order transmitters. They are well trained, and can hold their own if needed. They are typically equipped with suppressed handguns and knives as to keep a low profile.


AAHW: We despise them.

AATAAHW: We share similar goals, and are considering aligning with them.

The "Rejected": We share similar goals, as well as also being AAHW traitors. We would like to join up with them.

The Faction Against All Factions: We guess they are enemies?

N51: The Nexus is affiliated with the AAHW, which gives our organization and N51 a common goal. We would like to ally with them.
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