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Postby DarkSignal » Thu Jan 26, 2017 10:26 pm

there was a military force stationed in Nevada before everything went to shit and the NEXUS usurped control of what was left. Amidst the chaos, this batalion of soldiers emerged from the thick of that crash with the goal of taking back what was once theirs. They call themselves N51.

Modus Operandi:
The soldiers of N51 are battle hardened and heavily militarized, bolstering a high degree of strategy and resilience. their individual units are highly specialized in designated combat styles and roles, supplanting each other's weaknesses through excellent coordination on the battlefield. Due to their background, they have quality grade weapons at their disposal, enough to supply their finite number of troops. The end result is a swift and lethal force whose effectiveness rivals that of their biggest enemy.

Reporting Name: Brawler
Specialty: Unarmed Combat
Preferred Arsenal: Unarmed, with heavy armor and an additional sidearm for ranged engagements, also can carry shields.
    Notable qualities
  • Can bypass, damage, and deny enemy Tac-bars with unarmed attacks
  • Can defend and counter against melee attacks
  • Can grapple with opponents to disarm them of their weapon
  • Like to charge their target with a dash attack
Reporting Name: Assassin
Specialty: Melee Combat
Preferred Arsenal: Two handed blade weapons and an additional one handed weapon, Can either dual weild or carry a shield with primary weapon
    Notable qualities
  • Skilled at blocking and parrying melee attacks
  • Known for Pommel striking opponents to stun them
  • Can deflect and reflect bullets back at enemy shooters
  • Can slash dash targets given a high enough combo counter
Reporting Name: Commando
Specialty: Gun Handling
Preferred Arsenal: Two handed guns and an additional one handed weapon, Also known to carry flashbangs
    Notable qualities
  • Excellent at leading targets, often aiming for the head
  • Able to fire on the move, even while sprinting
  • Responding to melee attackers with Rifle Butting or Kicking
  • Can easily weave in and out of enemy fire
Reporting Name: Delta
Specialty: Acrobatics
Preferred Arsenal: Throwing daggers, also known to carry frag grenades
    Notable qualities
  • Have incredible reflexes in evading gunfire and catching thrown weapons
  • Capable of acrobatic feats such as wall scaling and wall jumping
  • Thrown melee weapons ignore enemy tac bars
  • Will throw whatever they can pick up off the ground
Reporting Name: Indirect Support Officer (I.S.O)
Specialty: Leadership
Preferred Arsenal: Heavy guns and Heavy blunt weapons
    Notable qualities
  • Analysis of the battlefield gives nearby squadmates better awareness
  • Like to hang back to surpress their target from afar
  • Are strong enough to swing heavy melee weapons with ease
  • Have an equal ratio of armor and tac-bar
Reporting Name: Mortar
Specialty: Heavy Armor
Preferred Arsenal: Grenade Launcher
    Notable qualities
  • Sloped armor is impenetrable to small arms fire
  • Roughly the size of a G03LM, carries a 40mm grenade launcher
  • Incredible physical strength
  • Helmet is not detachable, suspected weakness is the volotile spare ammo box on its back


A.A.H.W: Neutral
These cultists are obsessed with some guy named Hank. They're not a problem until they get in the way.

NEXUS: Enemy
They caused this mess, and they will answer for their crimes.

MERCs: Ally
The Mercs are an enemy of the NEXUS and are able to weave their way through the walls; Their intel and extra manpower proves a useful front for N51 to land more devastating blows to the NEXUS. Although N51 operates independently from MERC forces, they will clean up whatever mess the MERCs can't handle.

Bandits: Neutral
Nothing but target practice.

Zombies Mutants and Monsters: Enemy
Products and realizations of NEXUS experiments, they must be purged along with their creators.

T.R, The Resistance: Neutral
Appear to be a strictly humanitarian effort, no threat.

I.E.S.B: Ally?
May prove useful for dealing with supernatural NEXUS weapons; under close watch.

Revolutionary Warriors: Ally?
Motivated fighters opposed against the NEXUS, may be useful as additional manpower.

The Rebellion: Ally
Motivated fighters opposed against the NEXUS, useful as additional manpower.

The G.P Cultists: Neutral
Daphuq's with these guys?
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Re: N51

Postby GameZone » Fri Jan 27, 2017 12:09 am

  1. neat

DarkSignal wrote:Image

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Re: N51

Postby Variant » Fri Jan 27, 2017 7:08 am

The art made me quiver in delight.

Bravo, my dude. This faction is NEXUS APPROVED


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Re: N51

Postby Dexerity » Thu Feb 23, 2017 10:21 pm

Nice stuff.
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Re: N51

Postby SeriousPig » Mon May 29, 2017 12:56 pm

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Re: N51

Postby T.Y.N » Mon May 29, 2017 6:33 pm

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