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New Liberty Production Company

Postby Phia99 » Fri Jan 20, 2017 7:49 pm

Hello Nevadeans! I am the founder of this fine establishment i call the New Liberty Production Company! We are a group of even more mercenaries, looking to make a little extra cash for our life. Just like those shitty Around The Korner scandals, we offer a wide variety of jobs at a price. However, we believe our work is more efficient, and more adapted to this apocalypse. Our soldiers specialize in all kinds of jobs, from escorts, to infiltrations, night ops to assassinations, you name it! Although there are times when we're employed by both sides, we are authorised to leave the scene immediately. We do not kill our brethren. There are rules of the war economy, and it applies even to the scandals at Around The Korner. Except they can kill us, and we can kill them. Our signature color is orange, whereas theirs is blue. Shoot them on sight; we can't afford to let them take the big bucks.

Our contractor gear is provided by the company, but there are some things that you can bring yourself, like your hat and some armor. However, we may tinker with it and make it orange, and we will give you something to show that you are with us, and only us.

We are the best of the best. We won't make you regret hiring us.
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