Hotel Moscow - Nevada Cell

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Hotel Moscow - Nevada Cell

Postby Mister Parasoul » Fri Feb 09, 2018 10:54 pm

Before I've introduce the sister unit of the 2nd Battalion. I will have another faction from my sleeves...

And it starts here....

They are regarded as the king of the kings of criminal gangs in the South-East Asian city of Roanapur. They are the group of ex-Spetsnaz and they're led by an ex-VDV gal whose dreams of being an Olympic shooter was crushed after joining to the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan. They are the responsible of taking down the whole Yakuza clans and the perhaps the assassination of the "Vampire Twins" itself.

Now they're here in Nevada, just doing "business" through loan-shark scheme, guns-for-hire method and security detail for important persons who wanted to venture in the state of Nevada while fighting the ruthless AAAA, N51, TSE, Nevadan Protection Order, Freelance Scientists and more

Although they are just the cell of the original Hotel Moscow based in Roanapur. Hotel Moscow - Nevada Cell is the arguably the most powerful criminal organization - if not the whole armed organization - inside of Nevada itself. Although they are only based in southwestern part of the state, this group held that area as an country in their style of leadership and they're aggressively known for it's attacks on those people who were late to pay the rents of their service they provided for.

Although the ranks were the same as the original one, the cell has reorganized and also listed what type of ranks its members currently employed in this group.

-GRUNTS - A noob. No experience on Russian army (or any else) and they're just cannon fodder for the cell
-SOLDIER - Those who can shoot "straight" and probably had any experience on the army or fighting against every factions in Nevada. Mostly acted as assassin or an guard of the group's outposts
-SPETNAZ - The most trained of all cell members. Most of these ranks are came from either Navy SEALS, Green Berets, even Spetnaz and their former faction whom they belonged long ago. Mostly fielded as assault team or fill-in blanks for some of the cell outposts

Because they are new to the Nevada warzone. The group are expected to meets its enemies in the field itself. No matter who they are.

Nexus - Hotel Moscow themselves was no friends in this one.

AAAA - Those fools are currently in charge of the southwest portion of Nevada. This is their reason why they need to push out from the territory they controlled.

MERC - Although they had the same thing that the cell had. They are also considered as hostile because of the rumors that one of the "Vampire Twins", Gretel, was still alive from their sniper shot and presumably taken control of the group.

Freelance Scientists - They started to grow their operations by putting their outpost in this part of region. That's why they need to get them out from their territory itself.

N51 - Hotel Moscow doesn't have a grudge on that group but they are always harassing our operations and that's the reason why they need to get this group out from their territory too.

The USSR Embassy - Fools copying our style!

The Sectarian Exodus - Because of crappy peace deal. We have no choice but to accept as their " business partner" of this region.

Nevadan Protection Exodus - Same as TSE

The 2nd Battalion - Although we are also no friend of the government, we are helping them to push the AAAA, The Cursed, NPO and TSE out of our territory. They are also supplying with fresh American weapons.

AAHW - Our number one client no less!

GP Cultists - Our only friend and they are the one why we're getting tons of money because of them.

The Cursed - Because were overwhelmed fighting this group. We have no choice but to follow 2B's peace deal itself.
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Re: Hotel Moscow - Nevada Cell

Postby Mister Parasoul » Fri Feb 09, 2018 11:50 pm

Interested on joining this group?

You don't have to got Roanapur to join this thing. Just fill up the papers and instantly become a grunt with a pay of 500 dollars per week!

Join now!
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Re: Hotel Moscow - Nevada Cell

Postby ColonelPKA » Mon Feb 12, 2018 9:36 pm

Good to see another Black Lagoon fan here.
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