Streets of ROGUE

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Streets of ROGUE

Postby Luke DuFaur » Wed Jan 04, 2017 7:13 pm

Streets of Rogue is a top-down indie brawler shooter beat-em-up stealth ninja gorilla rip-roaring wall-busting nut-busting stage-based adventure set in a randomly generated world.
It takes inspiration from games like NT in that there's shit to blow up and you can go out of bounds by blowing that shit up. The goal is to do all the shit in the level and then go up to the next one.
There's people and classes and GORILLAS and guns with ammo and slave trade and cool stuff.
Yesterday I spent 80% of the time spent awake (I was awake for 12 hours mind you) playing this game and it's still fresh.
You can get it on for FREE and it's a good time.
The dev build has online multiplayer.
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